behind door three…

yesterday at the oregon scbwi conference, this was next to my parking spot:

behind door three...


why are there three manhole-type covers? in a row? mysterious.

now imagine that these lovelies aren’t in a dirt strip bordering an airport hotel parking lot. they’re deep in a dark forest. and you’re lost; and there are wolves; and you’ve twisted your ankle trying to escape the pack.

clearly each leads to an entirely different realm. your fate is determined by which you choose. but you have no way of knowing what lies behind (er, under) each portal.

maybe in reality, these don’t lead down to a labyrinth of subterranean tunnels filled with unhappy monsters, or to a storm-battered ledge on an alien mountain, or to the magic shoe closet of a spoiled princelet bent on world domination.

maybe. but in reality, don’t you wish they would?

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