The Things

New thing I’m doing:

Things you can read right now:

Things you can probably never read:

  • I’m in an Unchaste Anthology! Print only. We were sworn to never publish it elsewhere. Insert shrugging emoji.

Some other things too…

  • Drones & Drivers, original screenplay; Winner of the 2015 Other Worlds Austin Screenwriting in the Feature Script category; an earlier version was Fresh Voices Science Fiction finalist AND nominee for Best Role for a Leading Woman; finalist at Creative World Awards, quarter-finalist at Scriptapolooza. A very early draft was a quarter-finalist in the Science Fiction Category of the 2014 Big Break Contest.
  • Aletheia (previously Gameplay), original screenplay, Top 100 in the Emerging Screenwriters Competition; as Gameplay, won the Silver Award in the Science Fiction Category of the 2013 World Series of Screenwriting contest. An earlier draft was a quarter-finalist in 2012 BlueCat and 2012 Fresh Voices.
  • Four Days One Year: screened in the Northwest Filmmakers Festival and others.
  • Just Like a Man:  A short film that screened in festivals around the country and in Europe. Received a Judge’s Award at the Northwest Film Festival from judge Christine Vachon: “With its consistent comic tone and very strong visual touches, I was astounded at how sure this filmmaker’s hand was. A real surprise.”

Official-type things:

6 thoughts on “The Things

  1. Interesting FLASH The Other Side of Pain. Reminds me of the story BLUE (not sure of the title) Best of Sci Fi, annual some time ago. A pool vacuum that evolved.

    I like taking a view of life from the unexpected. Children have a way of doing that.

    Thanks for the story.

    Rick Tornello

  2. I just read your story “The Other Side of Pain”. You got me emotional over a house’s loneliness, almost to tears! My one-word description of the story is “beautiful”. Excellent job!

  3. Just read your story “The Other Side of Pain”. I found it a refreshing take on a house being a living creature with feelings. I enjoyed the story very much. Thanks for writing it.

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