I write in Portland, Oregon. I also live there, but that seems like a somewhat secondary activity. As for my upbringing, I was raised by wolves in the wilds of Alaska. Which sounds more exciting than it actually was, believe me.

I am a fan of Story, all kinds in any format, books, movies, games, graphic novels, poems, miscellany found abandoned at bus stops, etc. If I were to be stranded on an island with only one book — well I hope it would be a practical one about surviving on wild plants or weaving blankets out of your own hair or something. But if I were instead stranded in a fully-stocked convenience store after the zombie apocalypse, I would be okay with having a copy of Watership Down by Richard Adams. Because bunnies are awesome.

The Things (some of the):

  • The Other Side of Pain on Daily Science Fiction
  • Red Retold on Every Day Fiction
  • Alis Volat Propriis won the Willamette Writers 2012 FiLMLaB script-to-film contest; made into a short screened at the Willamette Writers conference. The film went on to win Best Comedic Short in the Oregon Film Festival.

Some other things too…

  • Drones & Drivers, original screenplay; Winner of the 2015 Other Worlds Austin Screenwriting in the Feature Script category; an earlier version was Fresh Voices Science Fiction finalist AND nominee for Best Role for a Leading Woman; finalist at Creative World Awards, quarter-finalist at Scriptapolooza. A very early draft was a quarter-finalist in the Science Fiction Category of the 2014 Big Break Contest.
  • Aletheia (previously Gameplay), original screenplay, Top 100 in the Emerging Screenwriters Competition; as Gameplay, won the Silver Award in the Science Fiction Category of the 2013 World Series of Screenwriting contest. An earlier draft was a quarter-finalist in 2012 BlueCat and 2012 Fresh Voices.
  • Four Days One Year: screened in the Northwest Filmmakers Festival and others.
  • Just Like a Man:  A short film that screened in festivals around the country and in Europe. Received a Judge’s Award at the Northwest Film Festival from judge Christine Vachon: “With its consistent comic tone and very strong visual touches, I was astounded at how sure this filmmaker’s hand was. A real surprise.”
  • Oregon Literary Fellowship awarded by Literary Arts of Oregon.

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  1. Interesting FLASH The Other Side of Pain. Reminds me of the story BLUE (not sure of the title) Best of Sci Fi, annual some time ago. A pool vacuum that evolved.

    I like taking a view of life from the unexpected. Children have a way of doing that.

    Thanks for the story.

    Rick Tornello

  2. I just read your story “The Other Side of Pain”. You got me emotional over a house’s loneliness, almost to tears! My one-word description of the story is “beautiful”. Excellent job!

  3. Just read your story “The Other Side of Pain”. I found it a refreshing take on a house being a living creature with feelings. I enjoyed the story very much. Thanks for writing it.

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