Welcoming a New Year

Hey 2018. You’re new here, so let me offer some words of warning and welcome.

Warning: Reprehensible shit will happen within you, and you’ll be blamed. Nazis will march and kill, racism will be openly celebrated at the highest levels of society. Beloveds will die. Whole species will die. Maybe even hope will die. We’ll say you’re a terrible year.

And if by some miracle something good happens, we’ll praise you but not nearly enough; we’ll take the credit ourselves and pat you on the head.

I’m here to tell you none of it is your fault. You will never need absolution for that which happens within your temporal boundaries. You are always an infant, every day of the year. We get confused about that, we think you grow old and therefor culpable. You don’t. You are always a fierce and squalling child, every morning, every minute.

Welcome to the world, 2018. I love you, no matter what — that’s my only resolution.