i’ve been doing this thing lately, mostly on the bus into town. it’s the same route, day in, day out. you know how your mind works, filtering out the massive amount of information you don’t need to make your way safely to wherever it it you’re going?

i decided to start noticing things.

new things. or really, old things that my eyes must have passed over. at first it’s just, hey look — a hooka shop. over there, a weird tall wrought iron fence. and has that building always been pink? (probably.) and then there’s the random thingies passing by randomly in the flatbed of a random truck…

when you’re in a new city your brain hasn’t figured out what to filter. and you see. you see things that the people who live there take for granted. and for me, i get this feeling of strangerness. it’s a very specific sensation.

now i’m able to induce it at home. apparently, i like it.


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