a couple of days ago i popped over to my neighbor’s house for a glass of wine and a mini-concert of her son playing the theme from plants vs. zombies on his violin. the conversation turned to 3D printing at home. and quickly progressed to talk of home-making our own action figures, of ourselves, or of a grandpa, or something. fortunately just before we might have started talking about cape colors, her other son started singing “i believe i can fly.”

so i’m thinking 3D printing could make the whole voodoo doll thing a way more precise deal. plus, with 3D printing i think perverts are going to have so so much fun in the next couple of decades, fabricating 3D dolls of whoever they want. (now add robotics for a fuller pic.) i guess i’m happy for them.

but mainly what i want is for 3D printing to hurry up and perfect organ-printing so no one has to wait on a transplant list. like, ever again.

c’mon, science! you can do this.





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