I teach online and in person.

Archetypes, Tropes & Clichés: Make the Ordinary Unique
Online course at Antioch University’s inspiration2publication
What does it mean when someone calls a story “trope-y”? Are clichés always bad? Are archetypes always necessary? If you’re writing any kind of fiction, you’ve probably heard all of these terms at some point. You may have encountered conflicting definitions, or gotten feedback on your writing that has included these terms. How can you take that feedback and make use of it? How can you use these concepts in the early stages of drafting your work? Together we’ll explore these concepts and develop a framework for utilizing these ideas in writing and revision.

Writing the Tough Stuff: Memoir for Women
with Gloria Harrison
In-person workshop co-taught with storyteller Gloria Harrison. You’ll go on a guided tour through the River Styx with Gloria, and focus in with personalized prompts with Haley. This workshop will help you work creatively within the space of memory through writing exercises and feedback.

You can listen to the amazing Gloria Harrison on NPR’s This American Life.

Hike & Write

Join me for an easy hike or walk with prompts given at the beginning of the walk and a break for writing. Develop a practice tying gentle exercise with creativity.